The name Proll stands for innovative printing inks and lacquers of the best possible certified quality.

State-of-the-art production facilities, eco-friendly manufacturing processes, high quality raw materials and constant quality control guarantee the consistent high quality of our products.

As a research oriented developer of high quality ink systems Proell KG has been producing high quality inks and functional lacquers for innovative industrial applications – as well as for graphic printing – for over 70 years.

IMD/FIM screen printing inks and primer solutions for various substrates and backmolding resins

Close collaboration with covestro AG resulted in the development of our innovative screen printing ink systems and adhesion promoters for IMD/FIM technology.

In this technology, also known as the film insert molding (FIM) technique, polycarbonate films are back printed using the screen printing process, formed 3-dimensionally with the Niebling high pressure forming process, and then injection molded with plastic resin on the screen printed side.

The IMD screen printing ink NORIPHAN® HTR N and the adhesion promoters AquaPress® ME and NoriPress® SMK, used with Makrofol® and Bayfol® films make up the ideal combination of durable, attractive products for automotive interiors, telecommunications and panels for household appliances.


Ink system : NORIPHAN® HTR N

Category : IMD/FIM-Technology / Adhesion Promoters

Description : Solvent-based one-component screen printing ink containing a thermoplastic binding agent which is resistant to high temperatures

Advantage of IMD/FIM Screen Printing Inks at a Glance:

  • excellent adhesion

  • high degree of formability

  • one-component system

  • high resistance to temperature

  • can be backmolded directly in injection molding process

Areas of Application:

  • automobile interior (air conditioning panels, switches, buttons)

  • mobile phone keypads, display windows, housings

  • control panels for household appliances

  • medical devices


Ink system : NORIPHAN® XWR
Category : IMD/FIM-Technology / Adhesion Promoters
Description : Halogen free ink system for IMD/FIM technology (back molding of screen printed films)


Ink system : NORIPHAN® N2K
Category : IMD/FIM-Technology / Adhesion Promoters
Description : Ink system for second surface IMD/FIM technology (back molding of screen printed films)

Mirror Inks – Rainbow Inks – Effect Pigment Colors

Proell offers a vast selection of mirror inks, rainbow inks, pearl effect and chameleon screen printing colors.

Available in shimmering silver or effect color shades, our pearl effect inks reflect great depth. The chameleon screen printing inks radiate a metallic gloss and the color varies with the angle of observation and illumination. To enhance the effect, they should be backprinted with black or white.

Rainbow Ink

Ink system : Rainbow Ink

Category : Mirror & Effect Pigment Inks

Description : Solvent-based metallic screen printing ink for creating iridescent rainbow-like color effects on clear transparent PC, PMMA, Rigid PVC and pre-treated PET films, when printed on the reverse side of the materials (back surface print)

Areas of Application

  • Housings and display windows for mobile phones

  • Handheld computers

  • Automobile interior

  • membrane switches

  • Plastic packaging