Gurbaksish Group offers a range of footwear adhesives suitable for most shoe components bonding purposes. Our range of footwear adhesives comprises synthetic rubber based adhesives and the hugely popular two component polyurethane adhesives.

The rubber based adhesives, which include RB 1001F, RB 1003, RB 1005 and FOAMBOND find huge popularity with upholsters & footwear manufacturers. On the other hand, the two component polyurethane adhesives, which include PU 2000, PU 2001, and PU 2002, are indispensable raw material for footwear manufacturers. These products guarantee superior bond strength in stringiest conditions.

We offer a wide range of solvent-based adhesives, coatings and sealants for a variety of applications that meet the needs of customers.

Solvent Based

Cleaner/ Primer/ Adhesive/ Hardner

Water Based

Primer/ Cement/ Hardner/ Others

Hot Melt

hot melt based product/ products


Cleaner/ Primer/ Adhesive/ Hardner